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Reading Room

The Christian Science Reading Room includes a sales area, study room and lending library. The entrance is at the rear of the church, near the parking lot. Stop in to browse, look for articles of special interest, read the weekly Bible lesson, or simply ask a question.

Several Bible translations and Bible research materials are available.  You can learn about the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, through her writings and a large selection of biographies. Her major work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, reveals the healing science Jesus taught in his deeds, life and resurrection.

The Christian Science Monitor is an excellent source of in-depth national and international news. Enjoy the weekly edition or  access the daily on-line edition. A computer and WiFi connection are provided for access to selected Bible research and Christian Science study sites.

Taking a road trip? You can purchase or borrow music CDs, as well as CD archive copies of the Christian Science Sentinel – radio edition and Christian Science Quarterly Bible lesson (audio).

The publications described below are a small sampling of the many available at the Reading Room to read, borrow or purchase.

Sample Reading Room Publications – please visit for a full selection

The King James Bible remains a popular and deeply respected version by millions around the globe. The Holy Bible continues to provide the foundation for understanding humanity’s innate spirituality and goodness, and God’s never-ending healing love. The majestic and comforting language of this version anchors our Sunday and Wednesday service.

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Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures explains the spiritual teachings of the Bible, revealing the divine Science that, when understood, brings healing to all aspects of our lives and the world. This book, with the Bible, is the ordained pastor of our church.

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The Reforming Power of the Scriptures: A Biography of the English Bible by Mary Metzner Trammell and William G. Dawley. Gain a deeper appreciation for the book that continues to reform the world.

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A World More Bright, The Life of Mary Baker Eddy by Isabel Ferguson and Heather Vogel Frederick. Rich in historical context and lively detail, A World More Bright offers an engaging portrait of this bold Christian pioneer and her undaunted search for truth.

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Lullaby for a Child illustrated book and CD speaks and sings of God’s ever-present loving care for everyone and everything.

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