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Practical prayer for good government

Practical prayer for good government

The 2016 U.S. presidential election stirred — and continues to stir —  harsh rhetoric, political polarization and — for some —  even fear at home and abroad. this and every nation needs the influence of calm, thoughtful voices. Like young Solomon in the Bible, we all need to pray daily for “a wise and an understanding heart.” This is practical prayer for good government, and it starts with each citizen.

A religious leader once said, in essence, that our leaders tend to mirror the mind set and attitudes of the people. This hints at our own responsibility, and at the latent influence for good our individual thought can have before and after the election.

Mary Ann Lomascolo, a former government worker, writes in her article, “How We Can Support Righteous Government”, in the May 2016 Christian Science Journal:

“…I’m realizing there’s much more that is required of us than taking a limited, passive position when it comes to supporting government. Indeed, there is much we can and should do, beyond voting, paying taxes, and following laws, to support good governance in our community, town, state, nation, and world. Students of Christian Science recognize the importance of acknowledging the spiritual reality of God’s harmonious and permanent government. This spiritual perspective is available to all who seek it, and it shows us that true government originates in God and lifts thought beyond human self-interest. …

“Early in my career I learned firsthand how to eliminate baseless criticism and cynicism from my thought, and elevate constructive dialogue and governance, by turning to spiritual truth.”

As we unite in this type of practical prayer for good government, we help bring out the best in our leaders and ourselves. You can find insightful articles on how to support good government and unity in times of division at our  Reading Room — a quiet place to pray this election season and throughout the year.