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Healed of addiction & despair

Healed of addiction & despair

In our neighborhoods and communities — and here in Waynesboro– are many who long for a way out of addiction and the despair so often linked to it. Whether you struggle in this way, or care deeply about others who do,  Jeff Rice’s experience may speak to you:

In his own words…

“On and off, for over 18 years, I struggled with addictions to alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, crack cocaine, and cocaine used intravenously. Drugs were my solution for everything. For every kind of feeling, whether I was happy or sad, I would take something…

“One morning I was standing in my kitchen; I had been awake for about seven days. The sun was coming up, and I thought to myself, “You’re doing it again. How long are you going to keep doing this?” I was in a state of emptiness and hopelessness such as I’d never felt before. I had alienated myself from my family and all my friends, so I was isolated. I was at the place where it was very dark, I was lost, and I wanted to come home but didn’t know how.

“In that state—I like to call it the gift of desperation—the thought came to me, “I can pray…”

You can read the full account by Jeff (originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel) or hear him give his testimony in a podcast at JSH-online. If the link does not work, you can access both the article and podcast at our Reading Room. We’d love to welcome you.