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Malaria healed

Malaria healed

Ryan Siewert of Somerville, MA, shares how he gained complete freedom from malaria in the new August 16th issue of the Christian Science Sentinel, available at our Christian Science Reading Room.  Here is an excerpt and a link to the full testimony:

Ryan’s testimony:

“Years ago, I had an experience that proved to me God’s ability to heal and save in any circumstance and showed me that prayer can bring healing when we are faced with malaria or any other disease.

“I had been in Niger, West Africa, for approximately 11 months, volunteering for the Peace Corps, when I began to display symptoms of malaria. In accordance with Peace Corps protocol and regulations, I was placed under medical care, and the doctors diagnosed me with malaria.

“Though I was able to return to my post within a few days, when I was back in the United States about a year later, the symptoms came back even more aggressively. This time I was free to rely wholly on Christian Science treatment. I had spoken with a Christian Science practitioner when in Niger, and the same practitioner was called again. And, of course, we looked to God as “a very present help in trouble” (Psalms 46:1)…

“The healing came when, one night, a clear sense came over me that I was not personally responsible for healing this problem, and that the most powerful, only real force in existence—divine Love itself—was taking perfect care of me, so I had nothing to fear. Within minutes of this quiet and gentle assurance, which removed all fear and concern, I suddenly regained my appetite, my normal temperature returned, I became awake and alert, and the frequent bouts of delirium and fevers stopped, never to return…”

For more insight how cherishing his relation to God brought about this complete healing of malaria,  read Ron’s full account on JSH-online. This one of many accounts of malaria healed through prayerful Christian Science treatment published in the Sentinel.