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Looking for work? Let Love lead the way.

Looking for work? Let Love lead the way.

Is your job search disappointing? Try talking it over with God. Cultivating trust in God’s provision for His precious creation, including you, can open the way.

When I was fresh out of college, my job search wore on month after month, as I made do with temporary and part-time jobs, even meeting the modest rent for a room in a home by selling unneeded possessions. It proved an interesting journey, in which my motives and thoughts about what I wanted to do matured. As I became confused, I turned more trustingly to God, one day praying aloud, “God, I don’t even know what I want any more, but you know what I need.”

“God, you know what I need.”

Little by little I chose to be more humble and meek. When friends passed along job leads I thought uninteresting or inappropriate to my talent, I vowed to take a look in appreciation of their thoughtfulness. Then, one evening after supper at a co-op, I felt the urge to dash home to check the mail before heading to the weekly “testimony meeting” of the University’s Christian Science student organization, even though I knew it would make me late.  I paused, uncertain what I most wanted to do. My developing habit of turning first to God for my clearest sense of right came to the rescue,  and another quick exchange took place in thought. I didn’t need to check the mail to get news about a job. I could ask God. So that’s what I did:

“What’s the news, Father?”


“Thank you!”

I got to the meeting on time, and at its close, a friend shared a fresh job lead… a position that earlier in my search I would never have checked out. Within a day or two I had an interview and felt right about taking that job, which had nothing to do with my field of study, but drew amply on my abilities and talents. And it met a need I didn’t know I had — to work for a boss who truly valued me and mentored my progress.

Unselfish motives open the way.

You may feel your situation is more challenging than this. That jobs are scarce, that you lack an education or have few skills. But Spirit supplies infinite fresh ideas and opportunities and your eagerness to hear and act on these ideas with unselfish motives will open the way, step by step.

As Paul expressed “.. we know that all things work together for good, to them who love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28).

Your work begins today, even before you draw a paycheck. Every man, woman and child, like the child Jesus, must be about their Father’s business. God needs you. Your intelligence, your sense of humor, order, creativity, patience, strength, humility and helpful service express the presence and power of God. There is a place just right for you.

Nancy B-R.

The librarian at our Reading Room can help you find inspirational literature and Bible study tips to help with your job search or other needs. A computer is available to do specific, spiritual research on topics of concern.