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Helping veterans heal the trauma of war

Helping veterans heal the trauma of war

Every community, including Waynesboro, has sent young men and women to fight in the Middle East, and needs to deal compassionately with all its veterans, as well as with those still serving.

Those who’ve served in combat will tell you there’s nothing like it: intense fear in the midst of battle,  heightened focus, deep comradeship.  Those exposed to brutality, who witnessed the death of comrades, or who have returned severely injured may deal with trauma, guilt or self-deprecation years afterward.

Listen to veterans of World War II, Vietnam and Desert Storm tell how their prayers changed—and saved—their lives. Hearing how soldiers  have triumphed over deep scars of war provides hope for others who are still finding their way home—spiritually—after war.

Listen to this Christian Science Radio podcast with veterans at JSH-online.