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Childlike trust

Childlike trust

You can grow your child’s faith and happiness — and your own —  by encouraging a natural, childlike trust in God. Christian Science helps by providing an understanding of God, and how prayer comforts, heals and helps keep us safe. It points us to the message of divine Love in the Bible.

Learning as a child to trust God’s care

In my own experience, as a young child I learned in Christian Science Sunday School that God is good and created everything good.  That God  guides, guards and governs me as a loving Father and Mother.   I learned to expect comfort and healing by turning my thoughts to God often, and especially whenever I felt fearful. And I DID feel that comfort and healing effect.  A fear of the dark was replaced by a cozy confidence God was with me in the dark, like a parent sitting silently at my bedside, keeping a peaceful watch.  Night visions vanished, physical discomfort faded, and I recovered very quickly from childhood sicknesses or mishaps.

I remember how naturally I expected God to take care of any need, and how I even comforted grown ups, from time to time.  And it was natural, too, to take seriously the guidance of the commandments and beatitudes, to want to be truthful, kind and good.  An article on prayer for children notes, “when I pray, I let God’s thoughts be my thoughts.”  God is Love, and we can trust the divine will to express pure love for all.

Jesus loved children

Christ Jesus welcomed young children and embraced them.  He told his disciples that they needed to become as young children themselves, if they were to enter the kingdom of Heaven.  And the discoverer of the Principle behind Christ Jesus’ teaching and healing, Mary Baker Eddy, echoed Christ’s words when she addressed these words to her church (in 1985):

Remaining child-like

“Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives.  You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues  unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world.  What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind.”

Finding these dear qualities in ourselves, in our children, and helping them grow, is possible when we accept with childlike trust that we are, indeed, all beloved and loving children of God.

For more insight into nurturing childlike trust based on an understanding of God as Father-Mother,  you may appreciate resources for children and the child-like in our Reading Room. And if you are looking for a Sunday School for your child, one of our members would love to teach your child on Sundays.