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Christian Science lectures near D.C.!

Beth Packer, C.S., will talk on “Demystifying Spiritual Healing” Saturday, May 18 in Arlington, VA. The talk will be given at 3 pm at the Walter Reed Community Center, 2909 16th Street S. This facility has parking and street parking is also available. She will deliver a second lecture, “The How, Why and Wonder of Spiritual Healing” in Washington D.C. Sunday, May 19 at 2 pm in Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, 5510 16th Street N.W. Parking is available behind the church. Enter by Kennedy Place N.W.

In her capacity as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, Beth has lectured to diverse audiences around the world. It is through her own practice of Christian Science healing that the words and ideas she shares in her talks have been proven true. Beth says that, “if an idea is true, it is universal, impersonal and provable. Spiritual healing as recorded in the Bible is as available today as it was then.”