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The healing power of stillness

The healing power of stillness

Inspirational speaker shares insights on stillness

“The healing power of stillness” was the subject of an inspirational talk presented in Waynesboro April 14th.   If you missed it, you can still see a webinar version of the talk. We’ve also provided links to two articles addressing stillness. You can find these links at the bottom of this post, following our report on this speaker and her recent local lecture.

Larissa Snorek-Yates, from Massachusetts, presented her inspirational slide-talk on “The healing power of stillness,” at 2 pm in the Waynesboro Public Library community room Saturday, April 14th. She has shared  her healing message with audiences both in the U.S. and around the globe, and came to Waynesboro following engagements in West Africa and Australia. Here’s bit of what was shared with those present for the program.

What, exactly, is stillness?

According to Snorek-Yates, we all have the capacity to discover an inner stillness that brings rest and healing to our everyday lives.  This talk focused on finding a deep-settled calm within ourselves that cannot be disrupted by fear or any outward disturbance.  Lari gave examples of how the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy have brought lasting peace and complete healing to individual lives.

Ideas to use

Snorek-Yates spoke from the heart as a mother and career woman, and from her experience helping others in her Christian Science healing practice. The hour-long program was tailored to the general public, and presented at no charge. Ideas were presented in memorable ways that invited us to put them into practice in our own daily lives.

Experiencing stillness

Among metaphors and images of God-centered stillness, in the midst of stress or chaos, shared by the speaker was the story of a cellist who went daily for a period of time to the center of Sarajevo (in the former Yugoslavia) when that city was under attack, to play in memory of those killed.  Finding stillness can be compared to the practice of a cellist or violinist tuning their instrument to exactly match a true tone.  We do this when we bring our thoughts into accord with divine Love.  She invited attendees to share a few moments of silence and to share their perceptions of what that stillness or peace felt like, and to reflect how to bring that peace to relationships and the world at large.

Explore more with these links

You can view a full, webinar version of her talk on Lari’s website at For an article on peace by Lari  published in the Christian Science Sentinel click here.  To read an excellent article on “The prayer of stillness,” by Heidi Van Patten, also published in the Sentinel, click here.

This program was sponsored by our church and our neighboring Christian Science church in Charlottesville, VA.  For info on Christian Science services and activities in that city, visit

There are generally at least two live lectures in the Waynesboro and Charlottesville area each year, so stay tuned.