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"Healing Hate with Divine Love."

Christian Science Lecturer Maryl Walters shared insights on bringing love to a climate of hate and...

Protecting Children The world needs to do a better job of protecting children and the spiritual innocence in each of us....

In recent years, with several tragic, mass shootings, the debate over gun safety has intensified.  Many gun owners cherish the...

Children naturally trust a loving parent and a loving God, and they love to pray.  They love bedtime prayers that affirm...

The 2016 U.S. presidential election stirred -- and continues to stir --  harsh rhetoric, political polarization and -- for some...

Worried about an upcoming election? Prayer that affirms man's relationship to God can offset fear about the influence of campaign strategies...

Drug addiction, whatever the substance abused, robs those feeling entrapped of their right to a happy, progressive life, and this...

Ron Siewert, who contracted malaria during service in the Peace Corps, turned to Christian Science when symptoms returned. His account...